After many sins have taken place,

Whats left to do but regain your faith,

I was so strong but things went wrong,

Although the crime has now been done,

A plea has now most certainly begun,

Only Allah can hear these words,

And only He sees that of which is pure sincerity,

Of this its said from the one true heart that once was well and truly dead,

Regaining faith is always hard,

But with a hope thats from the heart,

Im sure we will win this fight,

Once we have seen that glimpse of light,

There is only one way forward and one way back,

The other paths we have lost track,

So carry on following the light that will surely save you,

From what was a misunderstood sight,

Vision is clear now, And Allah we hear now, His words so true and His willingness too,

He can forgive and can forget,

Its what we do that retains respect,

So plead and pray to ‘The One’ everyday,

That maybe He can save us from our many wrong ways…

Undying and unfailing love…

May Allah bless us with faith and strong belief on Him(S.W.T).Ameen!!