(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, all praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger)

Ramadan is the very special Month in which we are told by several authenticated sources and yet by our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) that The doors of Hell are closed in this special month, the evils are locked behind bars and The doors of Heaven are wide open at the mercy and forgiveness of our Lord, ALLAH (SWT).

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is the Month of blessings and this is the month in which great rewards are offered in regards to make the real difference. All the months have their individual recognition and importance, but in Islam when it comes to Ramadan there cannot be and there is none that can match the blessings and importance of Ramadan.

It is of extreme importance that you acquire all the appropriate information about this special Month of fasting and use that information to make the best of the best of your time spent in praying and worshipping and reciting Quran more in the given month rather than being busy in your normal daily life routine and strive to earn the living.

This is where all the appropriate information regarding the use and effectiveness of the blessed month comes into play and for you it would be the lucky moment in which you have given another opportunity to ask forgiveness for the previous committed sins done intentionally or unintentionally and seek refuge from sins of future.

And ask for mercy and the sole guidance to be awarded with the utmost belief and accomplishment of such duties which lead you to the right path of glory and forgiveness. To make sure that this Ramadan is made best you can find abundance of information through online resources.