When it comes to the Month of Ramadan there is nothing that one can come across in the life time and the only way to know the real potentials of this special Month one is expected to acquire appropriate knowledge followed by understanding which makes it easy for a person to adopt and practice the precise teachings of ISLAM.

Before we are to go any further it is important to make it clear that the Month of Fasting, Ramadan is the Month in which Allah (SWT) raise the rewards and chances of HIS blessing upon mankind and this is where you are to know that our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) use to prepare and take special measures to practice and spend the Holy month.

Well, we should know why as to our understanding we as Muslims should follow HIS (SAWS) footsteps to be in a better position and this is what is required to know that our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) use to be more than before generous in this particular Month and this is for us to know that Ramadan in a special month.

Our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) said: «He, who serves food to a fasting person to break his fast, receives a reward like his reward, without reducing anything from the reward of the fasting person.» [reported by At-Tirmizi and others]

We are affirmed that in the Month of Ramadan Allah (SWT) showers his mercy, blessings and forgiveness on those who abstain and follow the recommended path and forgive those and their previous sins to make them a better Muslim and this is where you are know that all evils are imprisoned to help believers devote their attention and time to benefit in more rewards and mercy and forgiveness.

But for those who even then fail to submit to The Creator, what else can be said about them apart from praying that may ALLAH (SWT) guide them and help them to identify and learn and understand the path of glory the right path forgiveness, the path which leads to prosperity, success and forgiveness. (AMEEN)