ALLAH never fails…

When I feel lost and alone, He touches my hands while I hold my Qur’an.

When I feel hurt and betrayed by those I love, He reminds me He never will.

When I feel fear and frustration, He calms my heart with His Holy words.

When I feel love and happiness, He reminds me of humility and gratitude.
When I feel confusion about life set in, He speaks to me through His prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, who lived life with more obstacles and hurt than I could ever start to imagine and faith beyond compare.

All and any emotions that flow through my heart, mind and body have all been addressed by ALLAH Almighty by His words, His prophets, His signs in our lives that we take for granted every day.

ALLAH is indeed the Greatest and His love for us is immeasurable but we can hold a piece of it in our hands every time we read our Qur’an.