In the winter when we feel too cold,we used to bask in the sunshine, sit near hearth to lessen the intensity of cold or our face crumpled up with unbearable frost. But beside these we can recite a dua before Allah (SWT) to seek refuge from the bitter cold section of Jahannum.

On a bitter cold,if a person recites:
“La ilaha illallahu, ma ashadda barda hadhal yawm,
allahumma ajirni min zamhariri jahannum”
There is no deity except Allah. How cold is this day! O Allah (SWT), protect me from the bitter cold section of Jahannum.

  • Allah, the Mighty, the Exalted, says to Jahannam, “Indeed, one of My servants has asked Me for protectionfrom your bitterly cold section. I make you witness that I have protected him.”(Amal al-yawm wal-laylah)