Holy Quran and Botany:

Quran has revealed absolute facts about the subject of botany in its true perspective some 1400 years ago. This can be a fruit of thought for us.

Surrah Al-An’âm – THE CATTLE – No. 6- Verse:99

It is He who has created you out of a single life-cell (4/1). In the process of evolution, life pauses for a while until it acquires the capacity to reach a higher plane to which it is entrusted for further development. Thus We have made Our plans clear to those who are thoughtful. verse 99

Surrah Al-Hijr – STONELAND – No. 15- Verse:19-20

The earth is also one of the planets which has been spread out and revolves nevertheless (31/10). Mountains are fixed therein and everything is caused to grow from it in a nicely balanced manner and it provides sustenance for you and for those who do not depend on you for sustenance. verse 19-20

Surrah Ar-Ra’d – THE THUNDER – No.13- Verse:4

On the earth there are neighbouring tracts with gardens of grapes and corn and palm – trees, single or clustered. They are irrigated with the same water yet some of them are more tasteful than the others. In these also there are signs for those who care to understand. verse 4

Surrah Tâ­Hâ -TA-HA – No.20- Verse:53

He is the One Who has stored means of nourishment for all of you everywhere on this spacious earth; made and traced out ways for your movements; and sends down water from the sky and with which He grows various vegetation and plants. verse 53

Surrah Al-Hajj -THE PILGRIMAGE – No.22- Verse:5

(These people adopt this attitude because they assume that life exists only in this world and that it ends with death; and for them success lies in collecting as much wealth as possible through any possible means.)

Tell them, “If you are in doubt about (the truth of) life after death, because such a phenomenon does not (outwardly) appear feasible, just ponder the fact how We initiated your creation out of inorganic matter. (Thereafter with the mixture of water, the first life cell appeared. Life then passed though various phases of development until it reached a stage where augmentation took place by procreation. Pregnancy takes place in the mother’s womb; then life takes the form of a suspended leech; an embryonic lump is formed, which is complete in some forms yet incomplete in others. It passes through all these stages so that the latent potentialities in the embryo are gradually developed ~ 23:13.) Then We cause the fetus to stay in the mother’s womb for a certain period according to Our Law, after which it appears in this world as an infant. Then you gradually grow up and reach the age of maturity (16:70). Some of you die in the prime of youth, while some become so old that in that reduced state of mind you start forgetting things which once you knew so well.”(This is an example of the intrinsic evolutionary process. Now consider the outside world and reflect over land that is lying dry and barren with no sign of life and growth. When rain falls over it, it becomes verdant and gradually brings forth a world of beautiful greenery. This dead land thus becomes a world of marvellous scenery.) verse 5

Surrah Ar-Ra’d – THE THUNDER – No.13- Verse: 3

It is He who has stretched out the earth and set thereon firm mountains and rivers to flow and has caused fruits to grow in pairs. The sun and the moon so move that the night gradually covers the day. In all these, there are signs for those who care to reflect. verse 3

Surrah Al-An’âm – THE CATTLE – No. 6 – Verse: 95

And Allah Almighty will say: “You have left behind all that was yours e.g. all that you possessed and your intercessors whom you assumed would help you in your affairs. Indeed, all your ties have been severed and you have come to us all alone with your individuality with which you were created and all your fancies would
have forsaken you.” Verse: 95

Surrah Yâ­Sîn – YA-SEEN – No.36 – Verse: 36

(Be firm in the conviction that if you follow His laws such results are bound to accrue. Do not ever think that things would not happen the way God says they will.) He is far above doing that. Do you not see how the various vegetations grow from the earth as per His Laws of Nature? If you work according to the laws and methods established by Him, the same results are always achieved. Your own procreation occurs according to His Laws of Nature; and so does the creation of other things about which you have no knowledge at present. verse 36

Quran and botany