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Irshad-e-Nabwi (small steps for success)Continue Reading

  “25 WAYS TO ENTER JANNAH” ================== ================== Assalamu alaikum, 1. Whoever meets Allah without ascribing anything to Him will enter Jannah.[Bukhari] 2. Whoever believes (has Imaan) in Allah and His Messenger (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam), and establishes the prayer and fasts the month of Ramadan, it is incumbent upon Allah that He enters […]Continue Reading

Don’t talk too much. It causes deep hatred…. It hurts me to say Narrated Al-Mughira bin Shu’ba: The Prophet said, “Allah has forbidden for you, (1) to be undutiful to your mothers, (2) to bury your daughters alive, (3) to not to pay the rights of the others (e.g. charity, etc.) and (4) to beg […]Continue Reading

HOLD YOUR TONGUE ?The tongue is a small muscle, yet by the blessings of Allah, has amazing power. This muscle can never get tired. Can you imagine how much you use it? Now just imagine the amount of good or bad that can be produced from such a thing. ?For example, the tongue can give […]Continue Reading

The Virtues of Soorah al-Faatihah There are a number of ahaadeeth explaining to us the great virtue of this chapter: 1. Muslim reports from Abu Hurayrah (RA) who said that the Messenger of Allaah (SAW) said, Allaah, the Glorious and Exalted said, “I have divided the prayer between Myself and my servant equally and My […]Continue Reading

Just think what you have earned from the Holly month of Ramadan,analyse yourselves,have you made you Lord happy through your prayers,supplications and actions or you wasted the blessed moments??Question yourselves as a catharsis or self judgement.. May Allah forgive us,we are sinful slaves indeed,who always go astray,may Allah g shower His blessings on us in […]Continue Reading